More testimonials…

“Kate is the consummate classical educator.” – Matt Bianco, Director of Curriculum & Head Mentor of the Apprenticeship Program, CiRCE Institute

“Kate is a master teacher and anyone who has an opportunity to learn from her is fortunate indeed.”-Kathy Saffel, Parent

“Kate is that rare person with deep roots…and a mind filled with insight and ideas that would benefit any reader.” – Andrew Kern, President at CiRCE Institute

“Kate is a well-learned, well-trained teacher who makes difficult subjects understandable without oversimplifying the complex. Her love for learning and joy of teaching overflow into the lives of her students and fuel their fire for gaining knowledge and wisdom.”-Debbie Birkett, Home Educator

“Kate [has] had decades of successful classical education experience and rich expertise in developing educational strategies and thorough guidelines for teaching and learning on the basis of classical texts in all fields.” -Gisela Berns, St. John’s College

“Kate…brings to the world a grand passion for education and, in particular, extensive experience in classical education from which to base her thinking and writing.” – Jerry Abrams, Center for Creative Leadership

“Kate is a polymath. This and her St John’s College education make her a keen analyst as well as exceptionally versatile as a writer, covering such varied subjects as mathematics, quantum physics, theology, Central Asia, and political philosophy.” -James O’Gara, Civ-Mil Coordinator U.S. Dept. of State

“Kate…uses her wisdom with humility to equip parents and students in the classical model of education…Her thought provoking articles kindle the desire to know more. ” -Krista Velez, Classical Conversations Area Representative

“Kate was [my] student…at St. John’s, an all-required “Great Books” curriculum…She’s familiar with this way of life and would be a good guide to parents seeking such ways for their own children. Recently, “classical” high school programs have been looking to St John’s for guidance. [Kate] would be an articulate, thoughtful explainer of the rationale for such an education.”-Mera J. Flaumenhaft, St. John’s College