Via Classical, Latin for the “classical way,” is Kate Deddens’ site for  exploring the ideas, premises, and principles of classical education.

Kate Deddens attended International Baccalaureate schools in Iran, India, and East Africa, and received a BA in the Liberal Arts from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland and a MA in Mental Health Therapy from Western Kentucky University. She married fellow St. John’s graduate, Ted, and for three decades they have nurtured each other, a family, a home school, and home-based businesses. They have four children and have home educated classically for over twenty years. Working as a coordinator, director,  tutor and facilitator, Kate is active in homeschooling communities. Her articles about education have appeared at The CiRCE Institute, The Imaginative Conservative, Teach Them Diligently, Classical Conversations, and The Federalist.

Kate and her husband Ted began homeschooling in the 1990s. As graduates of St. John’s College, known for its classical program, they naturally gravitated to offering their children classically-focused education. Over the years, however they’ve also incorporated many eclectic curricula and components such as co-op activities and classes, home educational programs, and college courses to prepare and equip their children for future education, careers, and lifelong learning.

As their primary educator, Kate has graduated several children, homeschooling them from birth through high school. All were accepted at multiple colleges, from private institutions of higher learning to public universities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. All received multiple generous academic awards and scholarships.

Over the years, Kate has been an active member of various homeschooling communities, from small, local groups to national organizations. She has offered activities for students of all ages, from coordinating and leading field trips to teaching classes, facilitating book clubs, directing choir and drama groups, publishing a student newsletter, coordinating mock trials, and organizing formal events such as senior graduations and protocols.

In addition to educating her own children, Kate has worked with students individually and in groups in many areas including French, Latin, logic, debate, literature, writing, history, the sciences, mathematics, philosophy, theology, music, and art. She’s also formulated and designed curricula for home educators in her local communities as well as on a national level.

While homeschooling, Kate has coordinated and facilitated many educational and enrichment opportunities for home educating parents, personally leading educational workshops and seminars in her communities as well as inviting speakers and curricula providers. For many years, she’s hosted and facilitated reading groups for homeschooling moms.

“Kate is the consummate classical educator.” – Matt Bianco, Director of Curriculum & Head Mentor of the Apprenticeship Program, CiRCE Institute “Kate is a master teacher and… Read more “More testimonials…”

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